Benefits of an efficient home


Greater comfort – After working with Right House, your home will be more comfortable. Right House aim to design and specify so that your home has a temperature of between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius all year round for a minimum of 355 days. This complies with the recommendation of the World Health Organisation for comfortable and healthy homes.

Better health – The air in your home will be dry and healthy, safer for small children, the elderly and those with allergies. Your home will be free from condensation and insulated from outdoor extremes.

Dollars & sense

Energy efficiency – Right House will ensure that you get the maximum benefit for any money you spend on energy and on making your home more energy efficient. Right House's philosophy is to recommend design and passive system benefits which deliver optimum energy-efficiency and temperature benefits and do not cost anything to run.

A customised solution - Right House can analyse your home (or building plans) in order to help you determine what products and systems will be the most appropriate to meet your specific lifestyle needs and budget. The customised, energy efficient home solutions we recommend will deliver maximum comfort for the least capital and operating costs.

Increased value - A home that has been through the Right House process will be more desirable and have an increased value to potential buyers. A past Right House project in Auckland attracted sales prices more than 15% higher than prices paid for equivalent houses in the same development without the energy efficiency improvements (NZ Herald, March 19 2007).


Eco-friendliness – Right House is backed by international energy saving business, Mark Group who to date have improved the energy efficiency of more than two million homes worldwide. All our solutions are designed to reduce energy waste. The customised and integrated solution we provide will help minimise the environmental footprint of your home, enabling you to play your part in protecting and safeguarding our environment for the future, without compromising your comfort or lifestyle. Right House is also carbon neutral in all its operations.


Backed by experience and expertise – Because Right House calls on the strength and international expertise of Mark Group, you have the confidence of knowing that all outcomes will meet the latest New Zealand comfort and efficiency standards and that all work will be carried out only by Right House experts and installers.

One company organises everything – Because Right House is involved right through your project, you no longer need to deal with many different businesses.

An independent opinion – Right House acts as your 'independent home comfort and energy-efficiency partner', offering unbiased advice and a choice of the leading products and systems. Right House then supplies, commissions and installs the product and system components in one seamless process.


Support and ongoing maintenance – Right House support does not end on completion of your project. We will provide advice and ongoing maintenance if required.

A warrant of fitness for your home – At the end of your project you will receive a folder that acts like a log book for your home – containing all the information and warranties for the products and systems Right House has installed in your home. As a Right House customer, home advice will be available to you any time through our nationwide Solution Centres network, on our 0800 number and online. We will always be happy to answer your questions.


The comfort level of any home can be plotted against the annual energy spend. When compared to a standard new house, a home that has been specified by Right House achieves greater comfort levels for the same annual spend on energy.