Our integrated approach

energy efficiency daisy

To illustrate the interaction between the various components and technologies we created the 'Right House Daisy'. The Daisy diagram represents all the factors we consider in delivering a more comfortable and energy efficient house.

It first takes into account your values, priorities and lifestyle-which will be the most important guide to creating your individual personalised plan from start to finish. The four petals of the daisy relate to the four parts that will integrate into your personal Right House energy-efficiency solution.

house aspect

1. Aspect

First of all, we look at how your house is positioned, and how it could make use of free energy sources such as sun and wind - also how to avoid prospective problems such as shade or strong prevailing winds.
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house design

2. Design

Next, we'll look at the house design itself and make sure your room layout, floor plan and windows are positioned carefully to make use of free energy sources, control temperature and maximise efficiencies.
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passive systems

3. Passive systems

These are house features that you don't have to control in an active 'switched on' and 'switched off' way, but which will make a big difference to your home's efficiency performance. These include insulation, thermal mass and window glazing.
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active systems

4. Active systems

Finally, Active Systems include products you control such as heat pumps, under floor heating, solar water heating and appliances.

Active systems will give you an additional level of convenience and achieve the ultimate comfort and energy-efficiency for your home.
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Once the four design components are sorted, your new efficient home  will perform very well on its own.

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