Aspect and design

A north facing site is ideal for maximizing solar gain.

Good orientation is a key aspect of building a home that is energy efficient, warm and comfortable all year around.

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As no two houses are the same, the aspect and design of each house is different and different factors have to be considered. This section outlines some general tips to consider.

Good aspect is all about balance.  Achieving the best aspect requires balancing the sun, wind, views, and site constraints. It is not an easy solution.  To find out more contact a Right House Sales Consultant. This section outlines some of the aspect and design factors that the Right House Sales Consultants consider when preparing a Right House Solution for your home.

The aspect and design of your home whether a new build or renovation can maximize the benefit of the sun to heat your home (passive design) which can significantly reduce your energy bills, make your home healthier and increase it's comfort level. By optimizing the passive design of your home you ensure that your windows, walls and floors are designed to collect, store and distribute solar energy in the form of heat at night and in the winter and reject unnecessary solar heat in the summer.

Everyone has walked into a warm house on a sunny winter’s day and thought how warm and comfortable it feels. This can be available to everyone through ensuring you maximize the benefit of the aspect of your home and the design.