Products for an efficient home

Right House provides independent advice on all energy-efficiency products and systems, and supplies and installs them to deliver a quality energy efficient solution that delivers you maximum energy savings and increased comfort.

Efficient Heating

Heating consumes about 35% of the energy used in New Zealand houses. The actual amount of heating is strongly dependent on house size, insulation (including double glazing), climate and occupant behaviour. Efficient Heating - read more »

House Insulation

Insulation is the key aspect of good energy design in New Zealand houses – far more so than solar access and thermal mass. The New Zealand Building Code requires only minimum insulation levels. The Right House solutions go far beyond these levels and achieve true comfort at low running costs.House Insulation - read more »

Hot water heating

Hot water heating consumes up to 27% of the energy used in New Zealand houses. From solar water heaters to hot water heat pumps, gas and wetback systems – there are a range of environmentally friendly ways to heat water for your home. Right House can advise you on which system is suitable for your house design, climate and household needs.  Hot water heating - read more »

Efficient Home lighting

Lighting consumes on average almost 10% of the energy used in New Zealand homes. Energy efficient compact fluorescent lights consume only 20% of the energy which a normal incandescent light uses. Efficient home lighting - read more »

Energy generation

Generating your own power is a great way to lower your environmental impact – and household or business running costs! Right House can help you to use solar panels , wind turbines or hydro energy to supplement your power supply. Energy generation - read more »  See what our customers are saying:

If you are a business, Right House can help you lower your electricity bills with a solar power system.  We have happy customers saving on their largest business overhead, watch here to see what some of our rural customers have to say: