Solar Power generation

Energy assessment:
A Right House Energy Assessment is the ideal place to begin your own power generation if you don't know which systems you need.

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Convert wind, sun, water or gas into electrical energy for your home

power generation

Home power generation is the ultimate way to reduce your carbon footprint - and it makes a strong energy-efficiency statement!

Right House can suggest individual systems that can cost-effectively generate up to 25% or more, of the power you need.

We can install complete power generation systems that generate power for your home using:

  • Solar Power Systems – Photovoltaics
    Photovoltaic solar panels convert the sun's rays into free electricity for your home or business. Here's what our customers have to say.
  • Wind turbines
    A small wind turbine can generate up to 30% of a household's energy needs.
  • Hydro power
    Live near a stream or river? You could harness the natural energy with a small hydro-power generator.
  • Micro CHP
    This ingenious appliance generates electricity and heats water at the same time.
  • Biodiesel fuel generator
    A biodiesel generator forms part of a complete off-the-grid solution, especially if you live out of reach of town electricity supply
  • Electricity buy-back rates
    Right House can provide advice on buy back rates to ensure that you maximise your return on any electricity you generate which you do not use and feed back into the electricity grid.
  • Off-grid solutions
    We have experts who provide advice on a complete 'off-grid' solution, enabling you to be completely self-reliant.

To get the best energy savings, we recommend you invest in making your home as environmentally effective as possible with the right insulation, heating, hot water systems, lighting and appliances before considering power generation options.