Wind turbines

Imagine your own wind turbine, generating electricity from the clean, free energy of the wind. If you live on a rural or semi-rural section of at least one acre, a wind turbine could be a viable option for you.

To help you decide whether a wind turbine is right for your situation, Right House can conduct a computer-based analysis of the likely savings you will achieve. In good wind conditions the electricity savings from residential turbines can be as high as $1,000 a year.

The amount of energy generated depends on the size of the system and the average wind speed in the location where it is installed.

How they work

Wind turbines work by converting kinetic energy into electricity. Energy is transferred from the moving wind to the turbine blades, then to an inverter at the base of the unit that converts the energy into electrical current. A wind turbine does not provide enough electricity on its own. It is typically used in combination with electricity or other types of energy generation to provide enough power for a household’s needs. In times of high wind, excess electricity may be produced. In this instance, your electricity meter will spin backwards as you go into credit with your electricity provider.

Is your property suitable?

Installing a wind turbine is only appropriate if your property has sufficient wind resource. To undertake a proper wind resource test is expensive and time consuming. If you would like some basic information on determining the wind resource in your area, we recommend you use the New Zealand Wind Association Introduction to Wind Energy as a starting point. If you would like Right House to undertake a wind assessment then please contact us. To justify installing a wind turbine you require an average wind speed of 5 metres per second or more, at a height of 10 metres.

Why they’re good

  • Wind energy is free and clean
  • Offsets more than three tonnes of greenhouse gases every year (over its lifespan)
  • Latest models create less noise than older styles

Are they safe?

The turbines recommended by Right House have undergone rigorous testing in extreme conditions, in a range of different climates.

How much will it cost?

It usually costs somewhere in the region of $5,000 - $20,000 to buy and install a wind turbine.

To obtain a quote for your home contact a Right House Sales Consultant.

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