Existing Home

Energy-efficiency and sustainability – it’s all over the newspapers, on TV, even the cinema screen. You know it’s important to save power, and you’d like to make your house warmer, healthier and more energy efficient.

Implementing the actions in a Right House Energy Assessment could save up to 60% on an existing house's energy consumption.

But how do you begin? Where should you invest money to get the best results? Should you get a heat pump or radiator heating? Wool insulation or fibreglass batts? Solar hot water or heat pump hot water?

Start with a Right House Energy Assessment. One of our consultants will visit your home to review its energy performance, then provide a detailed report telling you how to make your house more energy efficient. There are bound to be things you're not aware of that can make a big difference to how much power your home uses. The report outlines all the recommendations and provides you with a cost benefit analysis for each recommendation so that you are able to make informed decisions about the appropriate power saving features for your home.

If you’re planning larger structural changes to your home, consider a Right House Custom Solution Report – a document that outlines exactly how you can maximise the comfort and energy-efficiency performance of your home renovations.

Contact us now about a one-on-one consultation with a Right House expert, or find out more detailed information on Energy Assessments and how we develop your energy efficiency plan.