New House Energy Efficiency Plans

You’re finally building the dream home. There’s a whole team of people working to bring your dream to life – architects, builders, electricians, plumbers and the local council. But who’s in charge of ensuring your house is comfortable and energy-efficient? Who’s making sure your home is warm, healthy and efficient to run?

House Plan reviews

Right House can give you certainty and a clear plan of attack with our design and specification process.The result is a Right House Custom Solution Report – a document that outlines exactly what you need to do to maximise the comfort and energy-efficiency performance of your home. Right House then works with your builder or architect to install and optimise all the components of your solution to optimise the performance of your new home.

A Right House Custom Solution Report can save you up to 60% on your energy costs and ensure your house is comfortable all year round.

Energy Efficiency Reports on Home  Plans

The best thing about having Right House on board is your home comfort and energy-efficiency objectives are laid out from the start – so you’ve got a plan to measure the final result against.

View a sample Custom Solution Report.

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