Television commercials

Small Footprints

The Meeses are quiet gentle people who want to live in a quiet gentle house… Right House takes the Meese Family through a process that gives them cutting edge technology in an eco-friendly house with a reduced carbon footprint. Small footprints, that’s what the world needs to save energy!

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Everything Just Right

The three bears want a house that’s not too hot and not too cold. They want everything just right. Right House shows them how to achieve the most comfortable and energy-efficient house in their neck of the woods.

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Energy Bills

The pelican is worried about the size of her energy bill. Right House gives her a plan that will make her home more energy-efficient without sacrificing her comfort and style.

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Cold Feet

The chickens are too chicken to get out of bed on cold mornings. Right House gives them a plan that efficiently heats their home and gives them something to crow about!

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Building and Renovating

Building and renovating is a confusing process for the average beaver who can’t see the wood for the trees! Right House offers him an easy one-stop process and guarantees that everything will be done the right way so that everything works well together.

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Condensation is getting up the elephant family’s noses. Right House gives them a plan that will make their home warm, dry, healthy and comfortable all year round.

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